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Author: Emma Rose Leyland   Date Posted:30 September 2015 


Everything in life is a process.


Don't panic, I'm not getting all deep and meaningful or discussing which came first in evolution. This isn't about life lessons or discovering oneself, a) because from personal experiences life lessons aren't all that fun, and b) that's not what I've been asked to write about.

Back to the point.. while I was trying to get back to sleep after being woken at 5am this morning, I had this profound thought: Literally everything I can think of is a process. Even thinking that, was a process!

Growing up, growing old, cooking, eating, walking, tying your shoelace, getting your hair done, bodily functions, mowing the lawn (I very rarely do that) and so on.. I won't keep listing things, but I have a feeling that by now you're trying to think of something that isn't a 'process' aren't you? Do tell me.. I'm dying to think of one too!

Anyway, with process comes development and hopefully progress!


Here at Love Henry HQ, at the very heart of the entire business, the 'process' starts twice a year.

Technically, if we were to glaze over the finer details, it would sound a bit like this:

Chrystal designs something wonderful which is then made up by our lovely manufacturer, which is then shown to our lovely stockists, who hopefully preorder in wonderful quantities. We then get them all made and shipped over, ready for the season ahead. Simple really..

Except, there's a fair bit more to it!

See, the ideas need to come first. New sparkly ones that have to be different but in-keeping with the Love Henry 'look'.


Inspiration is key.


In fact, I was wearing a shirt one day that I had snaffled from my mums wardrobe, at least 20 years old and classified as 'vintage', and Chrystal decided she liked the style of the collar. Next thing you know, I became an inspiration...

The next part is even more crucial; Chrystal then spends a large amount of time behind closed doors, at all hours of the night, creating. Doing what she does best; designing seriously adorable children's clothes.

So- the very, very start of each season, is a process within a process really. Are you still with me?

From there, it's rolls on...

Styles, prints, ranges, names, sizes, samples, order forms, SKU's, specs, trade shows, photo shoots, look books, orders...

And here we pause for about a week...

Until the shipment of the coming season arrives, drowning us in adorable clothes that we get excited about all over again.


Let me pause again for a second and remind myself that in all this, Cheryl-Lee is still dealing with website orders, stockist reorders, inventories, emails, reports, reconciling and, when it all gets too much for me and I can't remotely remember how to do a SUM on excel, she saves my bacon. She's fab.

In case you're wondering, I do DO things. I'm the marketing/campaigns person, and the designs critic/culler when the designer just keeps on designing and doesn't stop, and I'm also the one that sets deadlines that nobody really listens to, amongst other important things..

Anyway, we were up to the stock arriving- exciting! Boxes and BOXES of stock are re-packed in to other boxes and are shipped out to our anxiously awaiting stockists.


So there we go, the 'process'...


I've just explained is pretty much a seasons worth of what we get up to at Love Henry. There's more... But I won't go in depth any further, you get the picture.

Anyway, as the years have gone on, and the ranges have got bigger and bigger, we have got much better at this 'process', in fact we're now advocates of 'organised chaos'.

Potentially, with my 'team deadlines' firmly entered on the Google Calendar in bold, this season could tip us into the 'extremely well organised chaos' category.


Talking of this season...

NEWSFLASH: We're going up to a SIZE 8, which is incredibly exciting! The prints are some of my favourite and the designs are to die for. The Rose range is perfect for Christmas, and the boys shorts are delicious. Not to mention the tutu's maxis and playsuits.. It's all too cute really..

We've expanded our ranges and styles this Summer and hope you love them as much as we do!

I've been sharing sneaky peeks on Instagram so if you haven't already, have a little visit and follow us @lovehenryboutique.


Thanks for reading!




Working in the 35 degree heat packing all the Summer 15/16 stockist orders! Oh the things we do for love!!

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